Friday, May 20, 2011

City the City

Living in the downtown Vancouver, a 'getaway' to me means just about anywhere as long as its outside the downtown peninsula. Recently, I made my first visit to Deep Cove, a cottage-like community less than a 30 minute drive from downtown Vancouver.

Situated in the eastern-most side of North Vancouver, a district north of the infamous forest green Lions Gate Bridge, Deep Cove is nestled in quaint neighborhood with local restaurants, cozy shops and a scenic waterfront beaches bustling with family activity.  From kayaking, stand-up paddle surfing and boating to various hiking trails, it feels like the quick getaway anyone can take if you only have a few hours in your day.

Deep Cove has qualities that remind me of...the 90's TV show Dawson's Creek and its cutesy creek-side town.  The only place you find that when living in Winnipeg or other Prairie cities is likely an hour or more away (i.e. Gimili, Manitoba), which typically require a whole-day commitment for a good venture.  The upside in the Prairies is that there's more time is spent on getting to the destination, which makes it feels more like a 'getaway'.  But easily-accessible half hour drives to cozy lakeside getaways like Deep Cove is just another awesome reason why I love my new home town!

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