Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dance Here? Dance There? Dance... Anywhere.

Sometimes plans are meant to be broken.  From my past experiences, unplanned plans lead to a whole lot of random good times.

At a recent outing for a friend's birthday, plans were to attend one particular venue.  After arriving at the front doors and told to either wait for an hour in the rain or grease the bouncers, consensus was that this venue was not worth the time or money.  

As our party weaved the seedy and damp streets of the Gastown district, we ran into promoters offering passes to an underground club (literally in the basement) of a nearby building.  We were offered free passes and a no-wait-in-line guarantee, so we jumped at the chances. Vinyl is a somewhat new club that classifies itself as a retro dance lounge and on this random Saturday night, it did not disappoint. It had a great open space and many bars throughout the club that allowed for little-to-no wait time for a drink. But the highlight of the venue was the dance floor - literally, the floor.  It was a fun feature of tiled neon lights beating to the sounds of the music.  It intensified the dance experience, or at least that's what it felt like after a few drinks.

And so another random, somewhat unplanned evening goes by where it ends up being a blast.  Oh I forgot to mention - our party had a Western theme where everyone was dressed in cowboy/gal-inspired attire (in anticipation of original plans for hitting up a Western-themed bar).  Even so, our party of cowboys/girls proudly danced up a storm in a 'hip' and modern bar... 

But as time and time again has demonstrated in my life, it is not the destination that matters - it is the people you surround yourself with that help create the best memories and experiences. 

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